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Labradorite Temptations

Prehnite and Amethyst Chips Bracelet and Feather Charm

Prehnite and Amethyst Chips Bracelet and Feather Charm

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You will receive a similar bracelet. Same stones and feather charm. The one you receive won’t be exactly like the one picture.

Prehnite is a good match for Amethyst 

Prehnite is known as a gemstone of kindness and compassion and the healer's gemstone. It improves foresight and intuitive knowledge.

Wearing a piece of Prehnite jewelry will increase your vital energy and enhance your creative impulses while calming you down. If you're anxious or uneasy and wish to reduce your tension, wear a Prehnite necklace. It's a gemstone that encourages spiritual contact and intuitive knowledge. You may use it for relaxation, surreal meditation, imagination, and spiritual transit, among other things.

Amethyst was thought to control evil thoughts, help sobriety and help overall control of one's thoughts and mindfulness. Ancient Egyptians gave another meaning to the crystals and were wearing jewelry with amethyst to protect against guilty and fearful feelings, along with a protection from witchcraft.

Amethyst is such a lovely calming and healing stone and the fact you get to wear this lovely item on your wrist, right near your pulse, is even better.


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