About Us

Who is behind Labradorite Temptations?

My name is Gretched Betancourt. I am30 years old. My first crystal ever was a Calcite from Puerto Rico. One that had been found on my own home. Unfortunately I don't have it anymore. It got lost... on 2010 I bought my first crystal ever. It was a Tiger eye tumbled... I payed only $1 for it. As of today, I still have this tumble on my possession. My real crystal collector journey started on August 14, 2019. I had discovered the passion I had for all this incredible earth's creations. I found an facebook online store who made live shows every Tuesday. At first I only watched their live shows to get familiar with the process of claiming and purchasing with this methods. Then I started buying from them.

My first purchase from them was a Labradorite heart! I had found the love of my sight. As I looked more into this amazing stone I could find many different things on it. I kept buying Labradorite as it had turned into my favorite stone. Later on I decided to open my own crystal shop on Instagram! I only started selling Labradorites! That's where my store name comes from. On November 10, 2019 was the official opening of my Instagram shop. As soon as COVID-19 was announced I had to stop working. I used to be a dog groomer and I worked from home. As I wanted to keep my family safe I made the choice to quit grooming and put all my time and effort into my shop. At first it was very slow, but then I started to receive orders from all United States!

However, something was missing... I felt the need to reach my local people! People from Puerto Rico... So I decided to quit Instagram and moved to Facebook! Now my dream has come true! I have customers from my island and I have the most beautiful family! I am grateful to all the people who believed in me and supported me from the beginning!