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Labradorite Temptations

Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond

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Herkimer diamonds some of them have hydrocarbon inclusions. You will receive 1 herkimer diamond. 

You will receive a piece anywhere from 5-9 grams 


  • Herkimer diamond is believed by some to have metaphysical properties including healing, increasing spiritual energy and opening up the crown and third eye chakras. Known as the 'Stone of Attunement', Herkimer diamond can purportedly be used to help those looking to experience astral travel or have lucid dreams.
  • Some people believe it can be used as a magnifier to amplify the spiritual energy of other gems. The thinking is that the brilliant clarity of these stones helps to bring balance to the chakras, to cleanse the negative energies by transmitting a high vibrational frequency and clearing blocked energy.
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