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Labradorite Temptations

Blue Apatite Palmstone

Blue Apatite Palmstone

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You will receive 1 Blue Apatite Palmstone Intuitively chosen.

Blue Apatite is a beautiful blue-green crystal that is believed to have several healing properties. It is said to enhance creativity, promote communication, and increase self-expression. Additionally, Blue Apatite is believed to stimulate intellect, promote intuitive abilities, and aid in spiritual growth.

Physically, Blue Apatite is said to help with weight loss, suppress appetite, and improve metabolism. It is also believed to aid in the healing of bones and teeth, and to alleviate arthritis and joint problems. Some people even use Blue Apatite to help with eye problems.

Emotionally, Blue Apatite is believed to help with emotional blockages, allowing individuals to express their feelings more freely. It is also said to aid in overcoming shyness and social anxiety, while promoting confidence and self-assurance.

Overall, Blue Apatite is a versatile crystal that is believed to offer a wide range of healing properties. Whether you are looking to enhance your creativity, improve your communication skills, or simply promote overall well-being, Blue Apatite may be worth exploring.

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